Multiplication and addition game MathTower2

MathTower2 brings together 10 Addition and Multiplication Games for children to learn and practice elementary elementary arithmetic and add, subtract, multiply and divide into a game!
MathTower2: Juegos de sumar y multiplicar

The game increases in each level the multiplication tables from 1 to 10, in addition the addition and subtraction start with 1 and advance towards higher numbers, thus learning elementary arithmetic is easy and fun!


The game shows arithmetic operations at the top and the player must catch the correct answers. The answers appear in bubbles, numbers falling from the sky, jumping frogs, flying birds, machines or thrown by a monster!



In MathTower2 you can choose between several game modes for example just catching numbers, then play with addition and subtraction and finely practice multiplication and division so learning elementary arithmetic with fun regardless of your age is not a problem!


MathTower2 can be used as a powerful tool for education because in the level selection screen the teacher can know the evolution of his student by checking his scores.


The speed of the game increases when the player does not make mistakes and decreases when the player makes mistakes.

Therefore keeping the child’s attention on the game regardless of age is not a problem.

MathTower: Juegos de sumar y multiplicar
Juegos de sumar y multiplicar



Ramps: Numbers fall in spheres down a tower of ramps.


Spinning wheel: The numbers spin tied to a large wooden wheel that you can spin in both directions.



Monster !: Fight with this monster that throws you spheres with all the numbers.

Be the best!

Let’s learn together in a fun way!



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Juegos de sumar y multiplicar